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excerpt: Synchronization
You’re learning upon th
e galactic school called Shan (Earth) "here" and being integrated onboard your ship during lucid dreamtime. Because of this, you’re literally working and studying night and day! Due to this synchronization process, you are finally remembering your onboard dreams. Initially, you recall symbols – then actual star ship memory fragments – and eventually, entire “days” aboard your Ship Home. You are remembering your Twin Flame, star family, and ship mate friends during the day with laughter, longing, and yearning.

The dimension of time appears to be mutable at this point, seeming to speed up or disappear, leaving lapses and missing hours. SOUL fragments being reconstructed – with the help of your guides and star family – causes these perceived time gaps. Being confident in WHO YOU ARE magnetizes more SOUL fractals, and assists in this process. 

As you SYNC into all aspects of your Self, have faith that higher dimensional beings – from your Home Ship – protect and assist you constantly. Stay alert and focused, because you will be told (by signs, dreams, number sequences, and “coincidences”) if you need to rest (lucid dream onboard) or take action (travel somewhere).

Please read the articles sequentially in order for them to make more sense to you:
Lightworker 101:
For Lightworker 202:
Lightworker 303:
Lightworker 404:
Lightworker 505:
Lightworker 606:

We are ****mere**** weeks from very big shifts. I write all of these articles to prepare (those who believe they are) humans to adjust themselves, prepare themselves, and to re-think what they believe to be reality. I spend every single night aboard my ship -- fully lucid -- and I can see what is actually happening from my """alien""" point of view. I am not "channeling" any of this information: I am receiving it from my ship and from my Twin Flame upon his ship in real time right NOW. 

Yes, 101-505 are lessons, like tutorials of sorts to get individuals up to speed. 606 is a practicum (practice) for reality right around the corner. The next in the series will be (and are) Lightworker 777, 888, and 999, which are DIRECTIVES.

101-606 have encrypted activation symbols and codes.

Light, Light and More Light....


And some information about me, J'Tariah EnRa El

I am a Chloglian Sirian-Pleiadian Hybrid Walk-In from Sirius B. I have spent eons working with the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance. Every night during lucid dreaming, I am within the ships above, attending Jedi training with my Twin Flame, Miluk kia EnRa El (Jul).

Currently – during the day – I am a published poet, author and artist. 

My lightworking includes being a PR specialist for Sananda’s Eagles: www.sanandaseagles.com

I am looking for my next big intergalactic adventure. There are still many dimensions, planets and places I want to visit and even more to which I want to return. My son and I are packed and ready to go!  Drop me a line if you know where I should go next. Feel free to write me at jtariahenrael(at)gmail.com


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